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Welcome to APEX TAEKWONDO Academy





APEX Taekwondo Academy was established in Colorado Springs back in 2004.  Master Cliff Hong has over 25 years of taekwondo instruction under his belt.


We are a traditional Taekwondo school offering a variety of physical and mental training programs developed through life long research and decades of Taekwondo experience.


APEX Taekwondo Academy is dedicated to the long term success of each student and strives to bring out the best in everyone both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.


Our school is affiliated with USA Taekwondo and the instructors are certified through World Taekwondo and the Kukkiwon.  Training emphasis is placed on the 5 traditional physical elements of Taekwondo:


1.       Kicking – Chagi  (차기)

2.       Forms – Poomsae  (품새)

3.       Sparring – Gyorugi  (교루기)

4.       Self Defense – Ho Shin Sul  (호신술)

5.       Board Breaking – Kyukpa  (격파)


Our comprehensive class curriculum reinforces training of both body and mind to help students achieve harmony in all aspects of their lives inside and outside of the classroom.  Classes are offered for all skill levels, abilities, and age groups daily.  Click here for the Class Schedule.

Here at APEX Taekwondo Academy, each student is treated equally with dignity and respect.  Every student is taught to utilize the skills, philosophies, and concepts that they learn in our classes within their everyday lives; becoming positive role models within our community.


We help encourage students to set life goals in order to provide direction for individual growth and accomplishment.  We want our students to be well rounded in the art of Taekwondo and we want to see our students embracing the school motto of "Taking It To Higher Ground".


Our goal is to help each student develop the tools to be successful not only in Taekwondo, but in life.  Working together as a community, students become motivated by each other and develop a vested interest in the success of one another.


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Benefits to starting an APEX Taekwondo program include:


·         Improving health through supervised physical activity

·         Building self-discipline, confidence, and leadership

·         Developing  muscle strength, flexibility, and extensibility

·         Exposure to ethnic diversity and Korean culture

·         Evolving character traits and life skills

·         Understanding of ethical and moral values

·         Networking and social interaction

·         Discovering a positive attitude, integrity, and respect

·         Having a fun and challenging activity to participate in

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We are Colorado Springs’ most reasonably priced Taekwondo school, offering no long term contracts, family discounts, and introductory specials to get you started on your path to Black Belt.


We also welcome transfer students from other schools, offer military and first responder discounts for members of our armed forces and first responders.


We will also price match our competitors in the Colorado Springs area.  We hope that you will consider giving APEX Taekwondo Academy a try.


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Master Hong

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